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Nov.17 - Life Hacks for Youth. What they don't tell you about marks, money, relationships, and major life events. Register Here     Contact Us for details.

Nov. 18 - Build your life by your own Design. How to get clarity on what you really want and how to go about getting it: easier, faster, and while having fun.  Register Here     Contact Us for details.

Dec. 1-  Life in + after High-School: Hidden options of early graduation. How to get into any program and any university. Should you choose college instead? How to graduate early. How to take a year off like a bawse.  Register Here     Contact Us for details.

Dec. 8 - Key Habits to a Fantastic Life - How to develop the most important habits in life so you can: get better & easier marks, make better money, have harmonious relationships, live in a vibrant, beautiful body and be happier while at it. Register Here     Contact Us for details.

Dec. 15 - Adulting 101 - do it better than your parents. Changing trends in the adult world. What to know, what to do, and how to do it to thrive. Register Here     Contact Us for details.

Dec. 22 Celebrate your life and make a fantastic plan for the New Year. You will make a beautiful overview of your past year - what you learned, how you grew, what you would do differently. Then, you'll map your next year and create an action plan to make it your best ever.

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Our Vision:

At atelier d'esprit we envision  an unprecedented, intrinsically-driven, powerful youth who prioritize self-care and harmonious relationships, thrive financially and academically, and grow into socially, environmentally, and judicially aware citizens of the world.

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Our Mission:

Our mission is to offer high quality, immediately effective , life-affirming programs that inspire, empower, and support youth in designing and building their own lives with clarity, purpose, resilience, tremendous courage and thirst for the impossible -all while having incredible adventures and outrageous fun!

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In 20 years from now...

We want to see the youth of today grow into the healthiest, the most physically fit, the most environmentally, socially, and judicially aware society, with the lowest mental health and crime rates in the world. These factors ensure that Canada is the most financially secure and the most innovative, adaptable, and creative country on earth.

Join us on this vision and path!


Your school provides you with tools and knowledge to apply in the future.

We provide you with tools, knowledge and habits that allow you to thrive Now. For example, how to stay at peace in the midst of chaos, how to start living your passion now (not when you graduate with twenty degrees), how to get paid more than minimum wage (way more!), how to get your tax return, save and invest and avoid the financial pitfalls of adults (and enjoy doing that - really!), how to get what you want sooner rather than later, how to problem-solve, resolve conflicts and have better relationships with everyone, have courage, and a fantastical life experience - now!

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