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current Workshops:

Win at Dating: Online & In Real Life
+ The biggest obstacles in dating and how to remove them once and for all
+ How society is helping and hurting your dating life and what to do about it
+Figure out what you really want in a woman and how to find her
+ How to be a man in your own right
+ Minimize rejection and get great dates
+ Get fantastic, quality dates all the time
+ Learn a set of phrases, actions, and skills that will bring you to the top
+Watch in awe at how your dating life, and life in general transforms

" It took me a while to admit that I was an idiot at dating. In one session everything fell into place, and I apply everything I learned every time. Still single, but dating is more...fun, the women I meet are more exciting, and I am infinitely more successful at this."

-M.K.  - participant of live workshop, 3 months into dating, went on 7 first dates, 3 second dates, and planning a 3rd date. 

Some questions answered:
+ How to ask out so she says yes?
+ I'm afraid of the #meetoo movement - how did dating change? Will I get in trouble?
+ Will she be offended if I pay?
+ How do I avoid boring dates?
+ How to ease anxiety and actually enjoy my date?
+ Where do I find quality, beautiful, fantastical women?
+ How to get her to say YES to a second date?
+ How much should I text? Should I sext? 
+ Am I doing something wrong? 

"I learned that I pretended to be into one type of woman when I really was into something else. Society makes us ashamed of our preferences. Once I owned my preference I started getting more dates, I was more excited to meet them, and even when there was no second date I was uplifted as I got to spend time with a fantastical woman. I just got more confident overall because I get the kind of attention I want."


upcoming workshops:

Dating for Women
Minimalism for Beginners
Zero Waste 101
How to Travel the world with almost no Money